The sixteenth acoustic test of our “virtual exhibition” has been characterised by the recording of a viola made by Cremona great violin maker Francesco Bissolotti. It is reasonable to say that Bissolotti is nowadays the most skilled maker of stringed instruments; you only have to consider that his violinmaking training started in 1957 when he entered the international school “A. Stradivari “in Cremona and where he got his diploma in 1961. His teacher was Pietro Sgarabotto, who contributed to the development of his outstanding abilities as a sculptor. Bissolotti also attended , in the very early 60s, a restoration course held by two of the most renowned craftsmen of the time: Giuseppe Ornati and Ferdinando Garimberti. His friendship with the Italian- American violin maker Simone Ferdinando Sacconi helped him to improve and perfect his style. In 1962 Sacconi and Bissolotti started classifying the material at Stradivari Museum, formerly known as Museum of Musical Instruments, situated on the second floor of Palazzo dell'Arte (Art Palace), in Marconi square. This experience will become fundamental for young Bissolotti and the whole town of Cremona. Classifying, ordering and restoring the classical instruments enabled the young violinmaker from the village of Soresina to understand and appreciate the working method of Stradivari workshop, based on meticulous precision. Moreover, this experience gave the town of Cremona the possibility of having a direct contact with its own history. Throughout the years, Bissolotti has always been faithful to the construction method of inner mould, requiring creative abilities and emphasising the craftsman's whole personality. It was just since the last few weeks that Bissolotti has devoted himself to the study of a viola mould , model Gasparo da Salò. Bissolotti, because of his love for wood and for personal pleasure, has always used different types of wood: pear tree, mahogany, Tanganyika walnut tree, plane tree , willow tree, besides the classical maple wood from the Balkans. The viola model Gasparo da Salò which was tested was built using a nice poplar tree wood with wide veining. The Dutch musician WIM JANSSEN played the instrument, as on previous occasions, in a direct and spontaneous way, thus highlighting its sound features. Here is the sound of the viola: