Our section devoted to stringed and plucked instruments is now going on with a viola made by master violin maker Philippe Devanneaux in 2004. Devanneaux has been making and restoring instruments for about 30 years; he has been working in his workshop in Cremona- via Sicardo for sixteen years. Over this long period of time Philippe has acquired great experience; he loves making new instruments and “customizing” original models; he does not make any copies, but every now and then he uses antiqued varnish. We have already had the opportunity of testing one of his violas; the instrument, played by maestro Wim Janssen, showed remarkable technical skills. It was a viola after a model by Gasparo da Salò with higher ribs and the back in Tanganica well - seasoned walnut wood. The sound of the instrument was extraordinarily responsive and rich of harmonics with a timbre verging on light. In this new acoustic test Wim Janssen played another viola made by Devanneaux in 2004 endowed with more traditional technical features. As a matter of fact, it is after a Stradivarius model of 40 cm made in spruce (front part) and maple (back, ribs and scroll). The instrument has been regularly played for about 9 years now and has developed good sound levels. The recording took place in the Dutch Maestro’s music room on a very humid evening. Janssen warmed the instrument up for about 15 minutes and then he played 4 pieces by Bach involving all the strings. During the recording the character of the viola emerged and Wim defined it as easy to play; despite its small size, it has good dynamics and power, with a timbre without any nasal shades. As usual, the recording is just a partial demonstration of what has been written above; I strongly recommend you to try the instrument at Devanneaux’s workshop at number 12, Via Sicardo in Cremona.