GENZINI: Daniele, you gained quite a lot of experience after getting your diploma , didn’t you? What has pushed you to become a violinmaker? CIACCIO: When I was a child, I was very fond of music and I loved playing the guitar. Though I decided to study Information Technology at university, I felt this subject did not mirror my personality fully. Therefore, my love for musical instruments and my manual skills led me to Cremona to attend the International Violinmaking School. It was love at first sight. I got my school leaving certificate after 4 years and afterwards my desire for travelling and the awareness I still had lots to learn, made me go round the world. Anyway, Cremona has always been my point of reference. After school, I worked for one year with my friend Aldo Brugnizzi and we were mainly concerned with making new instruments. Later on my “adventures” started; first of all I went to Paris, then I moved to the USA and to Australia; finally I ended up in Milan and Cremona. GENZINI: What is the role of music for you, at present? CIACCIO: With the passing of time, I approached classical music and learnt to appreciate it little by little, also with the help of my friends. Some time ago, I also attended a private violin course which enabled me, though I am not a musician, to understand its sound better. This is very useful to me, as I can understand the different tonalities during set-up and so I managed to improve , when necessary. GENZINI: During your experiences abroad you learnt some restoring techniques; are they important in your professional career? CIACCIO: They have been fundamental; restoring is fascinating and helps you improve. Being able to see the “open instrument” inside, while you are working, enables you to understand several features, like thicknesses, curvings, and the varnish used; the possibility of literally touching the work of famous colleagues is exciting and really formative. With this attitude, I deal with my daily work of making and restoring. GENZINI: You have been one of the promoters of the event STRADIVARIAZIONI . How was the project born? CIACCIO: Together with 12 colleagues of mine, we wished to express our own ideas and organized a culturally free and self-financed event. Our aim is not only to give visibility to our instruments, but also to bring music and musical culture to a wider audience. To be able to put our project into practice, we looked for a suitable location. Only thanks to Giorgio Soldi’s helpfulness, did we have the opportunity and the honour to organize a violin-making exhibition at maestro Antonio Stradivari’s house. During the event, there will be concerts at 57, corso Garibaldi and St. Agata Church. The opening one will be a concert by the famous violin player Cristiano Rossi. The programme also includes a conference attended by violinmaking master Giorgio Ce', exceptionally interviewed by Carlo Chiese. One of the most intense events of the evening will be “The concert from the balcony”. The violinist Pavel Bernan will play , for all of us, two instruments made by Antonio Stradivari while standing on the balcony of Stradivari's house. There will also be a performance for children, a funny moment during which Maestro Ravasi will tell the story of “Marcello the cello”, surely an important and formative event for young generations. At the beginning of October there will also be the opportunity of hearing the solo violin Luca Fanfoni, together with “Freude Ensemble” who will, for the first time, play the music composed by Luca Natali Stradivari, heir to the more renowned Antonio. The event will end in a unique way. The rock singer of Marlene Kuntz band Cristiano Godano will play together with stringed quartet “Archimia” ; this unpredictable event will Anyone can visit it ; moreover, all the events are open to the public and free of charge.