The activity of – – has recently expanded thanks to master Fausto Solci's and master Wim Janssen's precious contributions. Their experience in important orchestral groups both in Italy and abroad , together with their peculiar enthusiasm for setting the instrument up, have enabled this site to make a radical change. I feel honoured to have such talented and worldwide appreciated collaborators and, at the same time, I think it proper to get to know them better. Master Wim Janssen decided, some years ago, to move to the countryside village of Pieve S. Giacomo, where I have been living since I was born. We met just a few months ago, when I went to see him to introduce my project. The following interview with master Janssen took place on a very hot August morning and I was immediately struck by his open-mindedness and love for music. Paolo: Please tell me from the beginning: when did you leave Holland to come to Italy? Janssen: I arrived in Italy in September 1969; I took my diploma at Giuseppe Verdi Music Academy in Milan in 1975. I started by playing the violin, then I devoted myself to the viola. My teachers were Paolo Borciani and Piero Farulli. P: What about the most significant experiences in your career? J: Since 1973 I have been playing with the group “Musica Insieme” from Cremona. I have been prima viola in Parma Toscanini Orchestra, Turin Royal Theatre, Mantova Camera Orchestra and RAI (Italian Broadcasting TV) orchestra in Milan. Moreover, I cooperated for several seasons with Lugano Orchestra, in Italian Switzerland. Finally, I worked together with a lot of camera music groups: Carme, Icarus, Dedalo Ensemble, I Solisti Veneti, I Filarmonici di Verona and Gemini Ensemble from Amsterdam. P: What are the instruments you have mostly played during these years of activity? J: I had a viola by Sesto Rocchi, a violin maker from Reggio Emilia, for several years. I have been playing a Capicchioni viola for 12 years, but I have also played a lot of top quality instruments and therefore I have acquired great experience. P: What about your future plans? J: I am playing in two concerts with the group Musica Insieme in Brescia and Cremona. On September 29th, within the review “Violinmaking on Festival”, I will play a concerto for viola solo in Puerari Room in Cremona Town Museum, with an instrument coming from Stradivari Museum. I will play a baroque and romatic repertoire, with pieces of music by Telemann, Pendercki and Bach. P: What are your favourite pieces of music? J: The Passion according to St. Matthew by Bach for sure, then the second piano fantasia by Schumann and Beethoven's last quartets.