I started my activity 8 months ago; it has been an eventful and really exciting period culminated with my daughter Beatrice's birth on October 18th. Everything I have done so far is devoted to her, to Viviana and to my family. The present results and contact names are just the starting point to improve this site as well as possible. I am optimistic as I have had the honour and the luck to meet and collaborate with extraordinary people, both from the professional and the human point of view. The first initiatives turned out to be successful: the violas and the cellos have “made a match”, so to speak. Let's hope to continue along this fortunate path. We performed the fourth test in maestro Janssen's music room; on this occasion we tested a viola made by Cremonese violin maker Federico Fiora. The evening was extremely pleasant: Wim warmed up the instrument playing it with intensity and using a high-quality bow made by Giovanni Lucchi. The viola is after Antonio and Girolamo Amati's mould; it was made by Federico Fiora in 2011. The violin maker was born in 1972 and got his school leaving certificate at Cremona school in 1990, under the guidance of masters Ezio Scarpini and Stefano Conia. He had his apprenticeship at EEC “transition workshop”, under the guidance of violin making master Gio Batta Morassi unitl 1993; then, in 1996, he opened his own workshop, currently situated in Cremona, at 29 corso Vacchelli. Fiora draws inspiration from Cremonese school moulds, in particular the 1615 viola mould by Amati brothers, kept in Cremona Museum. The viola in question is a well-made instrument. For the two-piece front part Federico used spruce wood from Val di Fiemme; the wood shows middle veining expanding towards the tips. On the other hand, for the two-piece bottom he used maple wood from the Balkans, with medium width veining going down deeply. For the ribs and the scroll he used maple wood as well. The evening was really lively; in fact Janssen played Bach's classical melodies for the first time without any interruptions and without any comments. Only after 10 minutes did he decide to change the strings, replacing the G and C Evah Pirazzi ones with Dominant strings. This intuition was correct and the sound could propagate at its best. Wim had the advantage of playing an instrument with which he established an immediate affinity; therefore, he could concentrate and make us concentrate on music only. The maestro's confidence and ease, together with the music played, made us understand the features of the instrument at once. During the performance of the first Bach's suite, the qualities of the viola came out: the balance between the strings is excellent, the sound output agile, dynamics and power are good and the timbre is almost neutral , though slightly sweet. At the end of each piece Janssen described the features of the instrument in details. We were surprised at Federico Fiora's viola; his violinmaking ability, combined with the high-quality wood and Wim's mastery at setting the instrument up, created an extraordinary acoustic result. It is possible to test the instrument by sending an e-mail to info@houseofviolin.com. http://www.houseofviolin.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=215 The short audio file is a demonstration of what I have just told about. Till the next one!