Bob Van de Kerckhove was born in Gent, Belgium and studied how to make plucked instruments at Violinmaking International school in Anvers (ILSA), where he got a first class school leaving certificate in 2011. Then, he studied Restoration of Musical Instruments with Gabriele Negri at Civic Violinmaking School in Milan, where he got a diploma with honors in 2003. Afterwards, he spent a training period at Federico Gabrieli' s violinmaking workshop, where he had the opportunity of improving his own technique concerning restoration of plucked instruments, as he worked on a wide range of historical instruments (Fabricatore, Fiano, Vinaccia, Embergher, Calace, Monzino, Valance) He has had his own workshop in Cremona since 2007 and he specializes in restoration of plucked instruments, like lutes and guitars. Bob is a very talented violinmaker; he has a remarkable feeling which enables him to choose the best wood for his works. He also has a strong personality and does not limit himself to repeating the same models, but he prefers proposing each musician a different project , so as to emphasize individual peculiarities. This is possible because the making of plucked instruments, especially guitars, allows some more freedom to violinmakers. The guitar played by maestro Simone Bellucci from Genova for our acoustic test No. 13 is a clear example: as a matter of fact, the instrument was built with its own peculiar characteristics by Van de Kerkhove. The Belgian violinmaker has carried out his project using a chain reinforcement which is completely different from the classical Spanish radial arrangement ; he also set up ribs with low thicknesses and the instrument shows a great aesthetic elegance; it is also very easy to use, has got a fret-board which conveys a sensation of immediate confidence. Despite its small size and lightness, this guitar has a powerful sound, which is also balanced and its tone can be easily controlled; it is also endowed with a prompt response to quick plucking . Moreover, its deep-pitched tone is so evident that the sound can spread without forcing dynamics. Simone Bellucci, who plays only guitars made by Bob Van de Kerkhove and considers them as the best instruments he has ever played, advises to pay a visit to Bob's workshop and try his instruments. The SOUND of the guitar can be heard in the dedicated space on the website, in the virtual showcase.